Friday, 14 October 2011


Models Own: Top Turquoise
Barry M: Berry
WAH Nails x Models Own: Nail Art Pen

1. I'm suppose to be doing university work, but i decided to paint my nail. When models own had their '50%' offer when they had so many likes on their facebook page, i took full advantage and splurged on 10 nails polishes (some of them here). Today i decided to do the range of colours with a leopard print esk pattern! Got my inspiration from sweetmonday. Check her blog out!

2. So because I have been feeling like shit/fed up for the past few days i decided to go shopping with my ma' to make me feel better. Bought i few lovely things, including leather PU pants which i have been searching for a non expensive pair for ages and i did! i may do a post on them soon :) I also bought some lovely jewelry! 

3. Now to crack on with my university work, a lovely friday night in with sweets, chocolate and big  brother!

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