Monday, 12 December 2011

my week in pictures #1

So on thursday me and my mum put our christmas tree up. My mum wanted it up tonight but i insisted it went up then. We went for a new colour this year, we always have silver but we were out shopping and we saw these multicoloured baubles and we had to get them, cause we go a bit mad with baubles we didn't have enough so we used some of our silver ones to fill it up and i love it! I then also had to help my nan put her tree up which she has all red and gold, amazing!!

This weekend it was my weekend to go up to my boyfriends house after i finished work on saturday, after i reserved my seat as its always busy someone still sat in my seat (really bugs me).

I FINALLY HAD A RED STARBUCKS CUP! signature hot chocolate with cream never tasted so good.


  1. Your Christmas tree looks so pretty! I think I'm the only person who's yet to have a red Starbucks, I'm dying for some of their hot chocolate! I hate when people do that on trains, kick them in the bum. x

  2. hii lovely blog! the link to the shop has changed to sorry about that!



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