Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Little Black Dress

tshirt - death comes close
leather pants - new look
loafers - zara

Yesterday i started back to uni for my final semester! so excited. Today i have to go and get my briefing and other bits and bobs i have to do, and we get to be involved in D&AD in London this summer which i am super excited about.

Its snowed a little bit more last night, but nothing major :( haha i think I'm going to team this with my fur coat as its still super cold (-1 right now) ahhh, and maybe my new bobble hat, but I'm scared that my legs are going to be really cold in these pants haha. This tshirt is by a brand called Death Comes Close, sadly Marie hasn't released any in a while :(

There are going to be reviews going up this afternoon, as I've finally got round to writing up the posts so make sure you keep a look out for them, oooo also i want your opinions on fake tans. I prefer either the mousse or moisturising cream but I'm not sure what brand to go for, for mainly regular use as they seem to dry my skin out. anyone got any suggestions let me know :D 


  1. I LOVE the shoes and they look really comfy too!

    Personally my favourite fake tan is St.Moriz for the price and colour! I buy it either from Savers or katyscosmetics.co.uk. It's so easy to apply and NEVER leaves a streak because you see it go on. It doesn't smell either but the only thing I've heard a few people complain about is that it dries their skin out but personally I haven't had this problem but I am an avid moisterizer :D hope this helps!! xx

    1. i have the St.Moriz and its amazing, but I'm one of those people and it dries my skin out so bad :( even if i exfoliate and what not before hand it still happens! :( do you use the mousse? xxx

  2. This top is amazing. Tell Marie I want one :) haha.

    Good luck in your final term! Eeek exciting stuff. I wish I'd taken part in D&AD now, it looked so fun.

    Afraid the only fake tan I use are those johnsons or rimmel tanning moisturiser things. I'm always too scared to go for full fake tan. I find the rimmel one works real well, smells a little but the shimmer one is nice an sparkly giving that holiday bronzed effect xxx

    1. eee im so excited, knowing that i finish soon feels amazing haha!

      ooo i never thought to try rimmel, ill have a nose at what they got in boots today, yeah i find that most of the moisturising ones smells funny, and every time i move i can smell biscuits haha not good! but amazing thank you , i think i may pick some up today :D xxx

  3. I Loooove those shoes! I use St. Tropez fake tan (the one you leave on for 4 hours) overnight and find that one pretty good! xx

    1. oo amazing! i shall price it up! :D thank you x


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