Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Polka Dot

playsuit: urban outfitters
trainers: air max 90 cool mint
bracelet: topshop

Finally got london sorted for next month, going for a few nights with my boyfriend. Shopping spree is definitely needed. Gutted we won't be there on a sunday as i really wanted to check out Brick Lane market.

This polka dot playsuit i bought ages ago from the Urban Outfitters renewal collection from their store in birmingham. I was umming and arring for a while as it was a little pricey but i got it and I've worn it to death so i didn't mind paying the price. I think thats one of my aims this year with clothes, buy things that i actually need not what i want, buying expensive things that i actually would use to death than spending ridiculous amounts on something that i wanted at the time. hmmm

These cool mints i picked up ages ago, but actually bought the wrong size went and got another pair and completely forgot i still had the other pair, so i am selling a pair in a size 5 if anyone is interested let me know! :) I think they are perfect for the summer and lasted me the whole of last summer,  and to be honest i can't wait for the summer so i can finally wear my sneakers without worrying if i may or may not rain!



  1. Amy I want these niiiikkkkeeessss! :D how much would you like for them? xx

    1. how much do you want to pay lovely?! had so much interest but i want you to have them! haha DM me on twitter if you want :D xxx

  2. Love this playsuit, you look amazing in it! x

  3. loving your blog! i'm a new follower :)



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