Saturday, 21 January 2012

Rainy Days

shirt: primark
leather jacket: topshop
jeans: topshop
bag: marc b
ring: primark
necklace: forever 21 
trainers: nike vintage cortez

So i have taken images this morning of the next few days outfits as I'm going to my boyfriends for the weekend! I've actually put my AA hoody on under my jacket as its raining in wales today and rather cold :( my vintage cortez are perfect for this weather even though i got them to exercise which i never actually do (surprise surprise) haha. they are so comfy and waterproof!
this sheer shirt i got from primark ages ago but i don't like the back and didn't notice when i bought it, that its actually double the length at the back that what it is at the front which i hate so i just tuck it in, and off i go!


  1. Love your jacket and trainers. Hope you ahve a nice weekend :) x

  2. I love that you have a genuine love for trainers unlike everyone else at the moment that are just wearing any random nike shoes because they are cool and have absolutely no idea what they are even wearing! Gahhh! You look awesome anyway, although Cortez are my least favourite Nike shoe, you make them look ok :) haha x


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