Friday, 6 January 2012

Skin Tight

dress: american apparel
denim jacket: levis
boots: river island
spike bracelet: topshop

This outfit is rather simple, but it was actually the first time i wore those boots. I bought them ages ago as they were the last pair in the store and i have been putting off getting them for ages but as if was the last pair i had to! They are so comfortable and done hurt my feet one bit which is a major plus.
This dress is pretty old but I'm pretty sure they still sell them, as i want to other colours, its really figure hugging and was sure on wearing it after all the christmas weight (need to do some sit ups haha) but i love it and i just threw my levis on top. I did promise that i would do at least 1 post per day this year, but i missed out of the first few days as i had to work and was just super busy but i promise i will from now on.


  1. I really like this outfit, the dress is really flattering on you. The boots are amazing, such a bonus that they dont hurt to wear! X

  2. Perfect outfit, love the boots :)

    Thankyou for following me lovely!
    Just came across your lovely blog and followed you also.


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