Sunday, 19 February 2012


jacket - urban outfitters
jumper - stussy x made me
jeans - topshop
loafers - topshop

Last night was amazing, its been so long since all the family has got together, and everyone got silly drunk, but me i wanted to be in bed by 11pm (party pooper haha) Today consists of uni work, gossip girl and a general lazy day! just had an amazing mcdonalds and hopefully for an harvester later. fatty day

Im sorry the giveaway will be tomorrow as i have had no time to take pictures and come up with whats going to be involved, so it will hopefully be tomorrow guys, hope you have had a good weekend.


  1. I want your jacket! loving it :)

  2. Hey! Sometimes we moan about our families but family times are always the best I think. Even though I have quite a few different sides to my family, I love them all. As if you wanted to go to bed that early haha! To be fair though, i've been getting more tired earlier recently. Sucks ass. Then i'm still tired in the morning! CANT WIN! This outfit is so cool, love the jacket/coat! so cool :)

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  3. Love the outfit, I need the jacket in my life!!! X

  4. I love this oufit!the jacket is so cool!Congrats for your blog,it's really intresting,now I'm following ;)

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