Thursday, 2 February 2012


batwing jumper - topshop
cords - BDG
jacket - topshop
scarf - H&M
necklace - H&M
loafers - topshop

I seriously can't believe how cold it is, and I'm still not wrapping up warm. I hate having that bulky feeling, and then if it gets too warm i have to carry layers. I was going into uni today, but as i haven't really decided or got some ideas down on paper for my FMP as I've been quite busy this week so I'm going to do it today and be prepared for monday! thank god i bought some ink for my printer.

This weekend my boyfriend is coming to me, but i finish work early on saturday so i may pop to cardiff shopping, i would like some company to stop me from buying stuff that i don't need please haha, and i promise the reviews for different products will be up today.


  1. I have this top in three colours, love the fit so much!!! looks beautiful with the scarf huni xxx

  2. Love this outfit! Especially those loafers, I need a pair xxx

  3. Such a lovely scarf! Everyone but me seems to have these loafers! Beautiful blog you have here too :) xxx

  4. I LOOOOOVE your style! I have to admit, I don't wear a whole lot of pants (as in I'm kind of a dress and tights kinda girl) but I know I need to work more into my wardrobe-especially since winters here are so stinking cold! I might just have to steal some inspiration from you!!! Xo Lori

  5. Love this outfit! the cords are just lovely! x

  6. I absolutely love that scarf and the leather jacket, I also have those shoes, I love them! :) great blog, I'm following xx

  7. I have these shoes too, they're pretty much all I wear! :)
    I really love this outfit too, looks lovely xo

  8. I'm definitely loving this look! It's so plain and simply, yet with the scarf it makes the outfit complete and just right.


  9. Great outfit, especially those shoes! The scarf and jeans go really well together as well. Style envy

  10. Love the outfit, i have the shoes and they're so comfy and probably one of the nicest flats i own at the moment! Loving the aztec style scarf :)
    Love your blog am now following

    franky @

  11. I HATE carrying layers when it gets too warm haha! & your cords are amazing xx

  12. I just love this outfit and the colours of those cord skinny jeans. The scarf is awesome too would love to buy myself that.

  13. Your jumper is so lovely :) great outfit! xx

  14. So pretty!!

    ox from NYC!

  15. love the cords!!!
    xo from germany!

  16. That scarf is gorgeous! The whole outfit is perfect for winter.

  17. I love your scarf, so pretty and looks really cosy too. I know what you mean about having to carry lots of layers though, bane of my life!xxx


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