Wednesday, 29 February 2012


tshirt - topshop
denim jacket - vintage
jeans - primark
ring - primark

when i found these jeans in the primark at the end of last summer in the sale i couldnt leave them there! Im pretty sure they were £5! And they are absolutely perfect for this pastel trend this SS! I also picked up another pair in a minty colour the other day!

yesterday and today I spent walking around the whole of London and spent wayyyy to much money! I've done beyond retro and monki which is what I came here for! Yay

Tomorrow going to pick up a few things from mac and other bits and bobs and leaving in the afternoon. I'm absolutely shattered! Too much walking.

PS is anyone going to the Bristol fashion week blogger show?


  1. Yes yes yes! I'm going to it along with Lily, Lyzi and Steph. I'll tweet you :) I'm driving me lily and lyzi down from cheltenham. We should meet up!

    Totally forgot your were off to London, glad you're having a lovely time :) had wondered where you'd been on my instagram feed! haha.

    Love these jeans, can't believe they're from primark! Such a cute spring colour xx

  2. Love the jeans, lush colour! Didn't know there was a monki in London? Damn wish I went there now lol, also dying to go to beyond retro!

    The Deer Head


  3. Those jeans are so lovely I must visit Primark again very soon.

  4. I am absolutely loving your jeans :) Can't believe they're from Primark x

  5. Those jeans are incredible! I am actually wearing mint skinny jeans today and it came down to these and the pink pair (mint happens to be my fave, so it won!) Now I wish I had both! Lucky Lady! Xo Lori

  6. those jeans are amazing! can i ask where your watch is from? :) xo

  7. i'm in love with your style, every outfit of yours i screen shot so i can use it for a reference when i'm out shopping.


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