Wednesday, 29 February 2012


tshirt - topshop
shorts - h&m
wedges - internacianal

Yesterday was a pretty boring day, was planning on going to the nike outlet but just couldn't be bothered to get up early haha, but i did have my sneaker delivery which i actually squealed about when the postman came!

So I'm packed and ready to go to london for a few days, got some amazing present ideas for my best friends 21st next week which I'm hopefully going to get while I'm there, but what postoffice doesn't have passport forms?!! so now i still have no id :(! still haven't finished my university work for my hand in when i come back but inspiration is at a halt and i haven't got any ideas on what to do but I'm hopefully gonna get some ideas down on paper on the national express up there (thats if theres no annoying kids/adults). I am definitely going to try on the Motel galaxy print jeans, after seeing Kims post yesterday she looks amazing, go check her out!!


  1. love this outfit. especially those shorts!

  2. I want your shoes!
    Claudia xxx

  3. Love the shorts! x

  4. Love this outfit! Your shorts are gorgeous. The wasitband detail is so unique. I like how simple and basic this is, but then you've paired it with leopard shoes. Perfect for a casual night out x

  5. Lovely outfit, the top is fab and the leather is amazing. The shoes just top it all off- gorgeous xo

  6. I wore a similar outfit today. Leather shorts and a black jumper.. classic. Love the heels you added though ;) I am so tempted to buy the striped Motel jeans while this 20% off offer is ongoing! So naughty haa xxx

  7. TOTALLY adore these shoes, amazing outfit, you look beautiful


  8. Aw just saw this :) thank you for the link to me! Hope you tried them on and got some!

    You look amazing here, love everything about this outfit xx

  9. Love these shorts! You look amazing! x

  10. We love the whole outfit, it looks really cute, you have a new follower <3
    we´ll be more than please if you visit our blog and follow us <3

    Greets from Mexico!!

  11. Love love the outfit, the shoes are utterly amazing ;) We are following you so please return the favour <3

  12. I lovee those shorts! can't seem to find a pair of leather shorts to compliment my body.


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