Friday, 3 February 2012

Sigma F80

Sigma f-80 flat top kabuki - $16

Ive been using MAC's 187 brush for years to apply my foundation and it just wasn't doing the job anymore, and from watching some beauty girls on youtube and browsing the blogasphere, noticed that everyone was hyping Sigma brushes, so i decided i really wanted the kabuki as the 187 just wasn't dense enough. I know people said this brush had dense bristles but my gosh its DENSE! 

Its great to buff the foundation into your skin for that perfect finish, i will definitely be repurchasing this brush when i feel like its time for a new one.

The only thing i can't comment on is if you loose any of the bristles when washing it as I haven't washed it yet, hopefully its not as bad as the MAC 187 (that brush can moult)

When it came it was worried that the design of the product didn't look the same as the other f80 i have been looking at but i did some research and they have changed the design on their brushes (not sure if its all of them) and they now have the logo on the ferrule.


  1. I've heard good things about the Sigma F80 as well, before about a week ago I never used to use a brush to put my foundation on, but I've seen the difference when I have done, even if it is with a cheap brush. I'll definitely be buying one of these soon!


  2. I have this brush and it is amazing, I use it to apply liquid and mineral foundations as it works so well with both, it washes well as well, don't think I've had a single hair come out of it after 6 months. Gunna have to get a second one as a back up because they do take ages to dry!
    Hannah xxx

  3. I was looking at this brush today! REALLY want it :)

  4. I've given you a Versatile Blogger Award here :)

  5. i've been wondering about this brush for MONTHS, everyone says its fab, but $16 is risky when i love my mac 187 so much! gonna go for it after this review though x


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