Monday, 13 February 2012


jacket - levis
hoody - american apparel
silk vest - vintage
chain - topshop
leggings - topshop
loafers - zara

Today i had work, and it was sooo busy as i work in an underwear store and its valentines. Spent all day helping clueless guys and it was too busy to even have a break but now I'm home, in my pjs and drinking a hot chocolate. nommmmmm
Its finally getting back to a temperature where my feet don't feel like they are going to fall off yay, BRING ON SUMMER!

I bought some new skin care products this weekend (if anyone follows me on instagram will know - amyclements) so its the first day of trying it, and i will hopefully get a review up soon but i want to try it out for a while. Im pretty excited as i have heard so many good reviews.


  1. Gorgeous hoodie and shoes. I love the layered look, you do layering so so well.
    Is that tatoo on your foot a bird? I love foot tattoos. xx

  2. It felt much milder today :) I can't wait for Spring/Summer. Our winter's last for so long nowadays, like Autumn just doesn't exist.

    Another beaut outfit. Love this chain. x

  3. You are amazing at layering clothes.. you need to teach me this skill haha! but yea.. summer needs to hurry its arse up!

    The Deer Head


  4. I've been after a jacket like this for ages, I can never find one that fits right. I love yours xx

  5. I really like your outfit! Especially that jacket and the chain! Yep, that chain is gorgeous!! :)

  6. this outfit is so so lovely! i love your blog!

  7. Love a denim and hoodie combo!! its what I live in haaa xx

  8. That Levi's denim is soooo good


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