Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day

tshirt - topshop
shorts - vintage
shoes - topshop
bracelet - lily loves lola

Just got in from uni, i feel absolutely dreadful! Went for a valentines starbucks date with Laura after uni and on my way home i started to feel really unwell and when i got home i just had to go to bed, i hope i didn't have a bad starbucks :(

Before that i really wanted to get an outfit post up, sorry for the slicked back hair and poor pictures and poor lighting but i wanted to get an OOTD for you guys!

Happy valentines day to all my lovely followers, don't get to see my boyfriend today as we live quite far apart :( but we are going to celebrate it when we go to london and have a lovely meal and stuff (yay!) but tonight i have a hot date with my bed, some galaxy and chick flicks!



  1. Happy V Day!
    you look lovely! I love how simple and chic this outfit is, and yet your shoes are really bold and edgy. Perfect!

  2. Absolutely love the shorts and the colour combination of your outfit!

    Rosie x

  3. Awwww I hope you feel better! Happy Valentines day anyways and hey, at least you look adorable when you're sick-I'm lucky to get out of sweats! Xo Lori

  4. I have a hot date with a database tonight aha, had to bring work home with me. Nightmare. Love the shorts and your watch is sooo cute x

  5. I love your watch, it's so unique :) I don't get to spend today with my boyfriend either - but Happy Valentines Day! xx

  6. I love the outfit, looks so chilled and cute!

  7. I absolutely love your shorts!!! They sit so lovely on you! :)

    Hope you're feeling better xxx

  8. love this outfit.
    i checked out your blog and i'm in love with your Levi's jacket from "Untitled" post. i'm following you now :)


  9. Lovely outfit, those shorts are gorgeous! :) xx


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