Sunday, 4 March 2012


So I'm back from london, had a lovely few days and spent wayyyyy to much money. But now back to reality of doing stupid amount of hours in a stupid job when i should be in uni/doing uni work but its my best friends 21st on friday so i have something to look forward too. 

I may do a london haul tomorrow, depending the lighting conditions when i get home from work. I managed to pick up everything i wanted including the sleek brow kit which i have to admit is too light for me :( I bought the darkest shade they have to, so I'm kinda disappointed with that but i may give it a few more tries and work something out. I managed to check out the new Monki store which was amazing and bought some lovely things but i actually took back one thing from there as i realised i bought it for the sake of it and couldn't justify paying the price but i may be naughty and pick it up on payday haha :/

While i was there i managed to go and check out Trafalgar square and leicester square at night. I really wanted to go see the Olympic countdown statue they have which was amazing and so colourful. Also managed to hit the Supreme store (for my boyfriend) where we had some free goodies. Oooo also they have this charity egg hunt all around london, everyone we found we had to take a picture. We can across the one above whilst walking to trafalgar square in an open derelict store, UV colours that changed looked amazing!


  1. Actually love that Supreme poster! I want the Kate Moss one and the Gaga one. Seeing that photo of Wagamama has made me want one badly :( Ohhh want to go shopping in London now. x

  2. Wow your katsu curry had a lot of sauce! gotta love wagamama's :D

    Did you get that poster for free?! :O omg I want it! Kate Moss looks SO hot, surely one of the hottest collaborations, Kate Moss and Supreme xx


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