Monday, 19 March 2012

Let The Sun Shine

morrissey tshirt - camden market
dungarees - rokit
trainers - air max 90 cool mint

Today is the last day of being able to sit at home and not leave the house. The sun was out i decided to go for a little walk as i live by fields and lanes. It was actually warm enough to go bare legged but i did put a hoodie on as it got kinda chilly.

I got these dungarees years ago from Rokit in camden, i was looking for SO long for a light wash pair and after i found these all the high street stores started stocking them, typical! but i did find that they have gotten a little tight (haha) but they do  make me look like i have no bum. They are such a great think to chuck on with anything underneath. My morrissey tshirt is so old that its actually turned kinda yellow (YUK) lets say off white haha i have worn it to death and the print is coming off but I'm definitely not parting with it.

I don't know why my legs look way more tanned that the rest of my body when I fake tanned at the same time :/ weird! haha But tonight i think I'm going to harvester, it has become a monthly thing to do with my brother haha mmmm salad bar!!


  1. I've been looking for dungarees in all the charity shops! these are so cute. x

  2. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! So cute and perfect for summer! XO

  3. so great pants and top!!
    please visit me in free time:)

  4. Love a good harvester! mm

    Your legs do look super brown, wow! I'm jealous :( haha x

    sweet monday
    sweet monday shop

  5. I am in love with the dungarees! Defiantly going to buy some now they look so cute! xx

  6. this is definitely my favourite of your outfits everrrrr. i love dungarees :) haven't worn them since i was like 6!
    still trying to find the perfect pair though, i have seen some on rokit but i'm so unsure of buying online because i'm a lumpy weird size, haha.

    check out your pins aswell! im jealous of your 'tan'. when i fake tan it's like going from milk to chocolate milk, there's no in between because i'm so paaaaaale :( yo

  7. OH HEY DUNGAREES. these are too cute, I bought a pair a couple of years ago from boohoo but they weren't vintagey enough and it looked a bit tacky. but this post has just confirmed that I need to find a vintage pair of dungs for this year ;) love them with the Air Max too. Ahh too much love for this outfit right now aha. Ohh my nails had Models Own Grace Green on them with Rimmel Matte effect on top xxx

  8. Super cute outfit!


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