Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love so lost

jacket - vintage
tshirt - topshop
scarf - urban outfitters
watch - g shock
jeans - topshop
trainers - sb stefan janoski

Casual post today with what i wore shopping with my best friend the other day! I have been wearing my darker denim jacket a lot lately, as its coming up to spring/summer this is perfect for a lighter jacket.

Today has been a massive fail, i woke up suddenly thinking i was super late (i fell asleep with my tv on and it was still on when i woke up :/) and then whilst getting ready i realised i was super late and was support to have left 20 minutes before. So going to uni was a super fail this morning urgh. This afternoon i was planning on going to cardiff with my mother to pick up the last bits for my friends 21st tomorrowm oh and to send off my passport as i have been so long without id.

Finally finished my D&AD ministry of sound project not sure whether I'm going to enter though, hopefully i may feel different tomorrow and enter before the deadline.


  1. ah i love this scarf too! amazing scarf collection ;D i'm not really a fan of scarves but ever since i got an alexander mcqueen-esque one, i just want more. i got a leopard louis vuitton-esque one th eother day and it's nice to have that extra something to shove on.
    like the burst of neon, too :)

    ughhhh, i haven't finished my D&AD project yet. don't think i'm going to finish it in time. put your work up :) i love seeing other students/designers work who aren't from my class/uni. it's refreshing.

  2. i love your denim look and the colour of your scarf! awesome!

  3. love your clock! great outfit

  4. beautiful (:



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