Thursday, 15 March 2012

See Through

jumper - internationale
vest - new look (underneath jumper)
jeans - topshop
necklace - topshop
ring - primark
boots - river island

I had been craving fishnet/large hole jumper for ages, i saw some in h&m but it was more of a creamy colour so i didn't but it. and then i saw this, i feel in love the holes are a lot bigger in this than the h&m one too which is perfect, and i bought all the colours they had! haha its really see through so i put a vest on under it but in the summer ill probably just wear a bra tube top.
These jeans are so old and have so many stains and have discoloured to the max but they fit me so well, as I'm only 5 ft 1 i don't have to turn them up when i wear flats or trainers which is amazing! they say they are leigh but when i try on the jeans in topshop they don't fit like this. Pretty sure they have changed the style :(

I wore this to my best friends 21st birthday family meal last week, i wanted to be dressy but not too dressy so i chucked on my leather jacket (as per). I can't believe how comfortable these wedges are, i have become obsessed with wearing them. But if i wear them through the day i feel a little overdressed and only celebs can pull off wearing heels through the day, or am i just being stupid? haha



  1. Love your necklace and that lipstick against your hair is gorgeous xx

  2. Love these wedges boots! New follower :)

  3. love your jumper and boots! x

  4. This is such a great outfit...I love those shoes they are amazing.

  5. Those boots are beyond incredible!!!! LOVE THEM! Xo Lori

  6. Love the jumper, can't believe it's internacionale!! xx

  7. Love the shoes! x

  8. Love this jumper, I always forget to look in Internacionale but they have some right gems in there! Also LOVE the wedges, if they're comfy enough to wear in the day you should go for it!

  9. oh my your boots!!!! lovelovelove x

  10. WOW those boots <3 I want!!!!!! Please wear them next friday so I can seem then in real life ;) haha xx


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