Wednesday, 21 March 2012


playsuit - h&m
neclace - c/o just access / just female (via Golly Gosh)
ring - topshop
moccasins - h&m

I think i went a little OTT on the whole summer front. It wasn't this hot but i did chuck a chunky knit on top and a pair of 10 D tights. The weather is slightly antnoying but it was a nice day so any excuse to wear my moccasins :)

This week has been slightly boring/hectic. Got no time to breath at the moment but i think next weekend I'm going out to party my ass off as I haven't been out in absolute ages, not even gone out for a student night at all this year (shocking)

Ooo i do want to mention that h&m is probably my new favourite store at the moment. I found an amazing shirt hiding behind a bunch of stuff last week and yesterday some amazing trousers that I was after for ages, yay! and its so cheap so i didn't feel as bad for spending the money haha :/ but now i have to rethink my entire outfit for friday even though ill wake up on the day and chuck on anything that i feel comfortable in. Hope everyone is having a good week.



  1. This is a lovely outfit :) the playsuit is gorgeous!

  2. I'm very jealous you have that playsuit, its such gorgeous colours! You look so lovely and summery in it xx

  3. Fab playsuit, loving the moccasins too! H&M is brilliant.

  4. Love this! x

  5. I've been trying to hold off on my summer clothes and save them till it's warm too, but it's not working!! I love this outfit, the necklace in particular is amazing =)
    I love your blog and style, following you now =D Pop on over and say hi to me!!

  6. Love this playsuit. Makes me long for summer. The weather today was gorgeous I hope it is again tomorrow :) btw I think I'm going to wear my wedges! :) xxx

  7. you can always count on h&m for a good buy :)the playsuit is gorgee- you're making me want to get my legs out, but they're soo pale haha x

  8. Hey gorgeous! You look so lovely! Great combo!

    Just for your info - as promised, I followed you on twitter and bloglovin. I'm a page on Facebook, and I thought putting you as a favorite page, but you have your own profile and I can't "like" you. If you go as page in the future, please let me know so that I can like you.

    xoxo, Andie

  9. Don't ya just love the sunshine, lol
    Love the play suit and the moccasions are damn cool :)

  10. Love the playsuit and you look so lovely and tanned! x


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