Thursday, 5 April 2012


shirt - h&m
disco pants - american apparel
cuff - ebay
shoes - topshop

I havent worn my disco pants in a while, even after 2 years of owning them they are still going strong and I'm pretty happy i bought them when they were only like £56 or something like that as the price these days is ridiculous even though i do really want the midnight navy but i just can't justify the price.
You may have seen my bristol fashion week outfit post a few weeks back where i was wearing the trousers of this print. I did actually buy the shirt to wear to the event but the day before i came across the trousers and had to wear them. I can't wait to wear this in the summer with some levis and a pair of trainers, summer hurry!

I wore this outfit when i went out for meal/cinema usual sunday with my friends. We tried the new grill n shake restaurant in Cardiff Bay (check it out if your from this area). it was bloody lovely and they did what i call 'ice cream van ice cream' nom nom.

Not much going on this week as I'm doing extra hours in work as some of the girls are on holiday, and because of that i have been spending wayyyyy to much as i have a wonder through town. Hope everyone has a great easter/bank holiday weekend.



  1. I love the shirt with the discos! I agree the price is ridiculous! I got mine from ASOS when they had 25% student discount.
    Claudia xxx

  2. I love your style! I've also been looking for a cuff exactly like that as the H&M ones have sold out. Please may I have the link to the one you bought? Thank you! xx

  3. wow, amy! this is a lovely combo! love the "disco pants" on you!

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick

  4. disco pants look amazing on you!

  5. You look gorgeous, I really want that blouse!
    Also do you have the eBay seller for that Cuff if they stil have it? :)

  6. I really like your shirt and disco pants! I've been contemplating getting some disco pants myself <3

  7. Just got a pair of disco pants too! I love them, great outfit!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog
    Becca xoxo

  8. I do not know why I never invested in disco pants years ago, they are amazing! And so glad they last well. Love this print! The shirt is so nice. Really must pay h&m a visit soon xx

  9. Ohhh this shirt is lovely!!!! Really suits you <3


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