Tuesday, 24 April 2012


tshirt - gift
leggings - h&m
braclet (worn as an anklet) - lily loves lola

It has been absolute ages since i last blogged. Last week is was my birthday so i had a pretty hectic week and had no time to take pictures or even write blog posts! but I'm back :) and i defiantly need to catch on some of my favourite blogs. Uni is coming to an end and the work is piling up so doing that has been my priority lately but hopefully get some pictures done is advance and schedule some posts as i have a few things to share with you!

So yeah I'm supporting the Kanye & Kim love affair thats all in the news lately, i do have a slight (pretty large) crush on him. I have been wearing my lilyloveslola bracelets as anklets lately, i normaly only like my watch on my wrists (even though i have made a cheeky asos order with some jewellery) so i decided i will put them on my ankle. This is the first time i wore leggings in months, I'm one of those people that wear them as trousers and never used to take them off as they were so easy to chuck on to go to uni but lately I'm a jeans fan!



  1. ahhh, i love the bracelet/anklet! i wear mine allllllll the time. i literally haven't taken it off since you sent it to me. i love it :)

    damn about the kayne thing, i think he's a twat (no offence!)

  2. Anklets are coming back with force...makes me sooo freaking happy! Love yours! It was my birthday last week to :) your top is cuuuute! Xx

  3. You know kanye always used to feature on the kardashians and I always thought there was something going on! haha god they would make a super couple! As in SUPER powerful, could throw jay and beyonce off the top spot!

    Hope uni's going ok, hang in there :) and I hope you had a lovely birthday! xxx

  4. Great blog. I love anklets they always remind me of the summer by the beach. I'm now you latest follower, would love if you could check out mine and maybe follow if you like :)



  5. That bracelet looks super cute as an anklet! Love your blog honey :) xx


  6. Ahh I've just discovered your blog <3 It's awesome! You have such great style. Particularly love your tee here!

    Look forward to following :)



  7. that kanye t shirt is sick!! love this blog!!- jade xxx



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