Monday, 16 July 2012

I Miss You

jacket - urban outfitters
tshirt - topshop
leather pants - new look
trainers - vans authentic

Now i have this is practically the same outfit as my loss post but this is all i have been wearing lately! the camo doesn't come off haha! I wore this to see Blink 182 the other night. I bought tickets for my mum for christmas in 2010, and the gig got cancelled and only now was the tour rescheduled but it was good! Even thought I've finished uni i seem to be more busy than i was these days hense why i don't have time to take photos anymore and my house is like a bomb site :( haha and i have to say i do like the shortlisted for the company blog awards is pretty good!


  1. I love your jacket! Very envious of you getting to see blink! This is such a perfect gig outfit, stylish, but really effortless looking!

  2. SO glad you're blogging again! Also, may I ask where the sunglasses are from? They're so pretty x

  3. I love your jacket, it's amazing!

    The Deer Head


  4. I can forgive the repeat camo as I'm completely in love with it! You look great, Vans are like Converse - addictive, staple shoes. Love 'em xxx

  5. I bought a camo jacket the other day but I dunno if it's too big for me, I haven't worn it out yet hmm! Not sure if camo suits me after all :( boo! xx


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