Wednesday, 4 July 2012


jacket - urban outfitters
jeans - topshop
top - asos
shoes - air force 1

So this is basically what I'm going to be wearing all through summer it looks like :( the weather sucks, totally need to get away from this place! (negi) 
I was so excited to wear my new shoe purchase that i wore them in the rain and thats not like me haha but i have wanted white on white air force 1s for ages, and seen as i have teeny tiny feet i can fit into kids but i just didn't have the money but last week i took a trip to my local outlet centre and i found them there for £16.50, BARGAIN and yes my feet have shrunk these are a 2.5 :( haha!
All i have been wearing lately is my camo, i bought it 2 years ago to take to reading festival and its had a battering every since!
So i have a kindle and seen as i have finished education for good i thought i would have no social life and just read books. I finished 50 shades a while ago as i had to read them for my job, and everyday i get customers asking for advise on what to get, situations and what not i feel like I'm an expert! haha What are you guys doing in this wonderful weather?! :D


  1. Loving the air force 1's & camo jacket <3

  2. Love the camo jacket, looks amazing with those jeans :)

  3. Love your jacket! This weather is a load of bollocks haha! I hope the sun makes an apperance soon! :(

  4. I love the simplicity of the white against the all black of your outfit. Your jacket is gorgeous, I really want one. You look brilliant! x

  5. this something i would wear ust simple and stylish LOVE IT
    new follower
    check out my blog in your spare time

  6. Love the outfit especially the jacket :)

  7. I love camo jackets, they're such a great alternative to checked shirts, which I've had enough of now haha.

  8. Love your jacket!

    Emma x

  9. Really like that jacket, my bouf has one that i would love to steal as it would totaly be on trend but its far to big :( x

  10. Although you are convincing me to wear it with your posts. Your jacket looks great on you! Hmm might have to wear it to global gathering next week to break it in xx


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