Wednesday, 25 July 2012


top - topshop
skirt - lazy oaf
sunglasses - h&m
trainers- air force 1s

well i had to wear a 'cover up' outfit today. On monday i sat in my garden with my kindle and burnt to smithereens, i even had factor 20 on :( even my face is like a lobster :( But it was an excuse to wear my lazy oaf skirt that i wanted so bad last summer, that it was the only thing that i really 'wanted' when i went up to london! It has gotten a little tight on me which says that i have definitely been eating to much crap! Its been so nice to have no work so i could see the sun this time around as last time i completely missed it. Hope you are all enjoying the sun and don't burn!

ps. face picture was a blooper

pps. sorry about the messy room and recently ripped off wall paper walls


  1. That skirt, omg. I love it so much! England are so lucky with this heatwave, it's miserable in Scotland and when I come down to England next week it's meant to be back to usual dreary 'summer' :(

    Charlotte //

  2. I love this skirt! I never heard of lazy oaf either, I'll have to check them out

  3. that skirt, oh my. it hugs your hips like i don't know what, you look amazing!

    factor 20 is nothing, i have to wear factor 50! kids suncream, it's hell. if i wear any lower i burn or just don't get any colour change what so ever :( boo pale people.

  4. The skirt is actually so cute, I love it :) Really summery and fun x

  5. That skirt is adorable, I love it!

  6. That is the cutest skirt ever, oh gosh. I want one! haha. It looks really good on you, too :)
    - Rhiannon

  7. oh my gosh, i love your skirt!! amazing :D x

  8. wow i need this skirt!
    looks great!

    xoxo milla


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