Saturday, 2 February 2013

Living like I do

crop top - topshop, leather trousers - river island

So I had some pieces to get on uniform before it ended and renewed again! So I went a bit crazy and got everything polka dot and neon! Polka dot outfits overload!!

I actualy wore this the other day so I'm a bit behind on my outfits as I've just been super busy!

Waking up this morning to sunshine was amazing, the first thing I did have a glass of milk on the balcony and instagram a picture, standard haha! Work was hurrendous today, super busy as it was a match day and full of very rude people, so tonight me and Laura have a Chinese on the way and shit tv the only thing missing is a cocktail! Xo


  1. this outfit is so cute :) xox

  2. those trousers are amazing. i need some leather trousers in my life!


  3. I love that top, might have to pick one up for myself!xx


  4. Gorgeous trousers, and that top is so cute! Wish I had a job with uniform allowance :-)


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