Wednesday, 3 July 2013


top - american apparel
skirt - topshop
sandals - primark
belt - primark

At the moment I'm obsessed with fake tan and getting my shoulders out haha!

I think I over tanned and look ridiculously brown but ey oh! It's wierd but I just feel so better with myself when I have a tan, I feel I can wear so much more things and not have to worry about looking pale (not that there's anything wrong with that, I personally just prefer to look tanned)

The top is actually a bodycon skirt from American apparel that I found at the bottom of my closet whilst I packing, I wa thinking of selling it but I was like eyyyyy hang on I could pull this off as a top haha!

Today was a sad day though, I washed this skirt for the first time and the colour has completely turned a greeny/yellow it looks discusting and I'm not sure if I can return it to work as I got it on my staff card :( but we shall see tomorrow! I have my eye on something else so hopefully I can exchange :D back to work tomorrow after a lovely relaxing (lazy) day off, URGH.

Amy xo

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