Friday, 19 July 2013

Bute Park

Yay I had a day in the sun!! 
Wooo me and Kirsty had the same day off, so the best way to spend it is to get burnt in the sun. I put factor 30 on, being very sensible but I missed my back and I have burnt to a crisp. URGH it's not too bad I've had worse but sleepy in this sticky heat is unbearable when the sheets/anything sticks to it but I only have myself blame haha.

I do have a lovely tan coming alone though yay! Finally sorted my room out as I had the day after off too now all I need is some bits from ikea and ill post a bedroom tour! :D hopefully going to the waterfalls up in Brecon on Sunday as me and the boyf have a joint day off (it's been a while) so I'm excited for that! :D

Amy xo


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