Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beating Hearts Baby

cami - topshop, shorts - urban outfitters, necklace - h&m

Hello everyone!
It was a busy hectic weekend, but Friday I did manage to pop out on Friday night.
I went home for a few days last week and was rummaging through some winter stuff that I didn't bring to the new place with me and I found these leather shorts. The tag was still on them as they were too small (didn't try them on as per) and I was going to return them, thank god I didn't as I'm never taking them off!!
I got this necklace from h&m the other day on a whim. I was in a rush and couldn't decide so I just went for this and I haven't taken it off! Hope you guys had a good weekend, this week has flown by already and I'm super excited for the vintage fare in Cardiff this Sunday! :D 

Amy xo


  1. Love this outfit, I wish I could pull off wearing all black but I feel like I just look silly :( The title of this post just reminded me of one of my old favourite songs by Head Automatica - can't even remember the last time I listened to it!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I love those shorts, definitely a good job you didn't take them back! :) I also picked up that necklace in H&M but I couldn't decide whether I wanted it or not... might have to go back now haha.
    emmerliejay x

  3. Love love love those shorts, wish I had legs like yours to pull them off! Definitely a good shout not returning them :-)


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